Would you like to work with us?

Our priority in the process of recruitment is bringing young and dynamic people who are open to development, researching, not afraid of change, successful in human relations and loving teamwork by giving equal opportunities to them, into our company/family.

The other position to be evaluated

If you would like to work with us, simply send your CV with your photo to [email protected] specifying the position you are applying for.

To be employed as a Software Specialist in our company;

Required Qualifications:

• Graduated from related departments of universities,
• Knowledge of object oriented programming and layered architecture,
• Implemented client / server software techniques,
• C # programming language,,
• Experienced in web development with ASP.NET and desktop software with Windows Forms,
• Knowledgeable about JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax,
• Used database in previous projects,
• We are looking a web software experts who like to teamwork, dynamic and open to development.

To be employed as a Sales and Marketing Representative in our company;

• Carry out the necessary studies to reach the determined sales targets,
• To increase the company and her/his customer portfolio by conducting new and reactive customer studies
• Realize customer visits and weekly search targets,
• To communicate with the customers at phone and field by effectively
• To prepare the customer offers, notify the offers and provide the follow-up for them
• Let the software team know about customers needs then follow-up
• Report the conducted meeting with customers and sales situation to your general manager

We are waiting excitingly, for the person's application who thinks that be a great seller and assertive.

Required Qualifications:

• Graduated from university or high school
• Good command of English
• Have a minimum of two years sales experience
• To drive a car actively,
• Have experience with software and tourism software sales
• Researcher, extrovert, good at human relations and analytical thinking
• Able to carry out international travels and foreign travels
• Able to keep up working with a busy tempo and flexible working hours
• Good at team-working
• Completed military services(For male candidates)

To be employed Pre-Accounting and Secretarial in our company;

Provide an information flow in the office and out of the office, conduct telephone traffic and conduct interview traffic, ensure communication in the office and out of the office, follow the correspondence, perform the tasks for pre-accounting, prepare the personnel files, welcome a guest and provide the office layout.

Required Qualifications:

• Good at Microsoft Office Applications
• Knowledge of pre-accounting
• Knowledge of document management and filing
• To use office devices like phone, fax machine and printer etc.
• Preferably, live near at metrobus line

In addition to these, we are looking for a job application of a person who has a high diction, is carefull about his/her appearance, carefully, neat, good at human relations, coherent, do the his/her job meticulously, high self-confidence.

Internship Purchases

We are aware that our information is not enough for business life. That's why we give the opportunity to our student friend to learn in the business place.
We provide training for self-improvement to students who want to take advantage of our experience and take a strong step in their career.
When our education ends, if there is a person who can work very well with our team, have high performance and wants to work with us, we include her/him into our team.
If you think that you are the ideal intern who should be in this team, you can apply right now!
For making an internship application, it will be enough to send complete documents.
• ID information
• Background
• student certificate or graduated school diploma from the school
• Certificate of achievement