Services screen is a screen that detail information about working transport, hotel, restaurant, shop/facilities, and other tour services are saved.
Services screen is designed through one design that for users can adapt the program easily and use the program easily.
The price information which is recorded on service description transactions, following by the system (SFS, Smart Following System) shares the service information which will pass the price periods to your contract team regularly.
This ensures that your current prices are regularly displayed on the system and that critical reports such as profit and loss reports and cost reports are issued with accurate and up-to-date information.


It contains the screen that you can manage you operation transactions easily and quickly. Thanks to following screen, you can manage your transactions more quickly. You can see the situation of your saved reservation for groups, and you can update the situation quickly.
You can easily satisfy your monthly vehicle needs thanks to its coordinated work with the vehicle company while managing your serial groups, making collective vehicle reservations, and you can make your transactions easily and quickly by getting the number of expedition with the help of transportation ministry integration.

Group Transactions

It includes the services that you can make all the transactions for a group.
You can process and manage data such as hotel, restaurant, ruin sites, flight information, transport information and name list on one screen.
You can create a final tour file with a one click easily, for your torist guide and for other agency. You can create a group bill and you can follow the collection situations.
Acoommodation: You can save the name list and room type of accommodation which belongs to the group by loading a file or manually. After creating a name list and room type of accommodation, you can create a reservation slip and you can request a reservation by sending an email to the hotel. You can mark the hotel which sends a confirm answer, by clicking one button and you can update as cancel in case of negative feedback, or you can update the situation as TBA.


You can create and follow up price offer for your counter agencies. While you are creating a price offer, the prices that you added in the system, come back and thanks to it can make the flexible transaction, you can make a different offer with an unrecorded price. The program records the changes you made on price offer, can display the remain quotation from the old version and you can see the changes that you made on quotation easily.
You can translate the price offer that your counter agency confirmed to tour list with one click.
During this transaction, information of all hotel, restaurant and ruin site loads automatically, and you have not to write again these records. Thanks to the copy button, you can copy the created quotation by quickly for other agencies, and you can update.

Accounting Management

With this module, you can make all pre-accounting transactions that you need. You can create a bill for other agency, process collections into the system, send the receipt of payment, you can list agency, tourist guide, shop, hotel, restaurant, transport firm and current of tourist guide, also you can follow all these transactions.
You can take the breakdown either Excel or PDF
You can follow your income and expense by recording and you can see your expense and collection situation separated by country.
You can transmit your all accounting records thanks to XML integrations which is provided from general accounting programs, to your accounting department or public accountant office without need a second transaction.

Cost Management

Thanks to cost management, you can automatically calculate the group cost without need an extra transaction by using the information which you added in the system. Also, you can see the cost and profit situation according to the sales amount and side income amount.


You can provide record and manage the marketing canal with CRM module. Thanks to market reporting, you can see the market in which you are active or you are making a fewer group, and you can see which marketing you contact. You can send the new product or new service of your firm to your customer by a mass mail or mass message. Thanks to social media integrations which is developed yet in the CRM module, you can make your customer analysis easily. You can record the agency information, the interviews which you had and your appointments. Thus you can access all detail of your interview history, the added file, the surveys, and complaints, also you can make the reporting. Agency quotation request, confirm groups, canceled group and the reason for canceling can be displayed on the module. Thus, marketing choices can be evaluated and changed. You can record or display with a between specified dates or immediately, the customer satisfaction and complaints which is taking from the vehicle, guide, service, hotel, restaurant, shop, and facility.