Reservation Management

Tourco Pro separates your operation transaction and reservation transaction through the reservation management structure.
Thanks to this system, you can see you detail product reservation made by online canals and back office, also you can see all the details with easy user-interface. You can add as you want as a product and follow them, thanks to there is a dynamic packet logic on the reservation managament system.

Operation Management

You can save all the information that you might need for your operation, with Tourco Pro operation management.
You can easily manage the services and products that are close to the end of the contract dates on the system, and you can follow the quotas.
You can save your contract on the system manually, or automatically by XML api integrations that are belong to your supplier.
You can export your operation document such file type like excel, pdf file and you can easily follow your document.

Dynamic Packing

You can take a reservation with a card system, thanks to the platform such as backoffice,B2B,B2C which is provided by Tourco Pro with dynamic packet structure.
Dynamic packing system provides for adding a product which is taking from out by XML API, into the reservation system, in addition to your own product.

Patterns of Payment

You can use quickly the virtual pos integration with method of payment. You can work with your own bank's virtual pos integration or with the integrated payment systems that Tourco Pro can work with. The payment methods system can work also on B2B and back office, in addition to B2C, quickly and safely. You can take your payments through such methods like an online credit card, mail order, bank wire, etc

Accounting Management

With this module, you can make all pre-accounting transactions that you need. You can create a bill for other agency, process collections into the system, send the receipt of payment, you can list agency, tourist guide, shop, hotel, restaurant, transport firm and current of tourist guide, also you can follow all these transactions.
You can take the breakdown either Excel or PDF
You can follow your income and expense by recording and you can see your expense and collection situation separated by country.
You can transmit your all accounting records thanks to XML integrations which is provided from general accounting programs, to your accounting department or public accountant office without need a second transaction.

Comission Management

With commission management, you can define commissions for your desired product and service.
You can make the commission description transactions with an agent basis or you can manage dynamically.

XML API Connection

Thanks to XML API connection, you can work integrated with the firms XML services which has a deal with you that give a service like a hotel, transfer, rent a car, tour, etc
Thanks to a dynamic packing system, your consumer can buy all this service into one reservation and can pay at one time.
Also, the XML API system is not only for the API which is taking from out. This system can give your product which you describe in the system to out as XML API.
Thus, you can provide that your sub-agency can sell your product at their website easily.

Full Functional B2B

With the B2B panel, all product which is belong to the firm, can be displayed and sales can be made through existing tour program, or new tour program request can be realized.
Also, it is using for the situation of the active group and displaying that where they are, and online hotel sales and using for other B2B transactions.
Thanks to the panel, the worked agency can access the product and price information very quickly, and available balance control is provided very quickly.
Thus the agency's satisfaction will increase.

User-Friendly B2C

The online sale module is developed for the second sales channel and is created for the tour program which is identified on the system, coming onto the market with user price through the website.
The hotel, flight ticket, vehicle and transfer transaction are realized by taking data from other systems by XML structure.

Back Office

Tourco Pro back-office support that your firm’s financial and accounting processes are working right and effectively. At the same time, it is in charge of sending the bills, if it is necessary. Your adaptation process will be quickly and easily with developed and easy to use user-interface
* Accounting integration
* Operation Management

Fast and Secure Server

Without the need to buy any additional software or hardware, the service which is on servers that helps you to use the system easily, are provided. The safety and duplicate of your data are made and saved by our firm.